October 05, 2020
Reimbursement request list for companion diagnostics and personalized medicine updated in Belgium
In September 2020, the list of companion diagnostic tests, which are evaluated for reimbursement, was updated. INAMI has a specific reimbursement framework for companion diagnostic tests. INAMI Nomenclature codes from Article 33ter can only be reimbursed in relation to specific biomarker tests and drugs from Chapter VIII of the reimbursable pharmaceutical specialties (Royal Decree of February 1, 2018).

The updated list of molecular companion diagnostics (accompanied by appropriate active ingredient) for which a reimbursement application has been made (with the month of the application) is presented below:

  • ALK - Lorlatinib (August 2019)
  • FLT3-TKD and FLT3-ITD - Gilteritinib (October 2019)
  • NTRK - Larotrectinib (October 2019)
  • BCR/ABL1 - Dasatinib (November 2019)
  • TP53 and 17p deletion - Venetoclax + Obinutuzumab (April 2020)
  • BRAF V600 - Trametinib + Dabrafenib (June 2020)
  • ALK - Brigatinib (June 2020)
  • PIK3CA - Alpelisib (July 2020)
See the full details here.

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