August 24, 2020
Updated add-on reimbursement tariffs for hospital drugs in France in July 2020
In France, the funding of medical services using DRG includes all patients' expenditures. However, in accordance with Article L.162-22-7 of the Social Security Code, the innovative and highly expensive drugs are reimbursed on top of the DRG via the specific list called "Liste en sus." The updated list of add-on drugs with tariffs for July 2020 is already available.

The list organized in the following way:

  • The historical list with the reimbursement tariffs for drugs
  • Reference list containing LES codes used for the determination of drugs' indications
  • Reference list indicating the correspondence between LES codes and UCD codes for the smallest integrated unit used for dispensing drugs in healthcare facilities
At the beginning of August 2020, the historical list with the add-on reimbursement tariffs for drugs was released at the website of the Technical Agency for Information on Hospital Care (ATIH).

The latest included information concerned the following drugs:

  • Azacitidine 25mg/ml
  • Bortezomib MDC 2,5mg/ml
  • Vaborem 1g/1g
  • Tecentriq 840mg
See the full list of add-on drugs in French here.

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