Nov 07, 2019
Pilot project tests electronic prescription transmission in Germany
The German Association of General Practitioners (HÄVG) and the mail-order pharmacy DocMorris have started a pilot project for electronic prescription (eRezept) transmission. In the next step, a test module for drug therapy safety (AMTS) will be integrated.

The goal is to reduce the number of adverse drug events and to increase the efficiency of drug therapy. Also, it is expected to make it easier for physicians to digitally prescribe medicines, to simplify handling for patients and to achieve broad acceptance in pharmacies. The project supported by the HÄVG and the Westfalen-Lippe Association of General Practitioners is planned for a period of six months.

In the Westfalen-Lippe region, a limited number of primary care physicians will be able to digitally prescribe drugs using a qualified electronic signature and the proven IT infrastructure of eHealth-Tec GmbH from November 2019 onwards.

Legally insured patients who wish to participate in the pilot project will receive a QR recipe code instead of a paper recipe, which they can redeem via the app, e-mail, or printout either at one of the participating on-site pharmacies or at DocMorris.

As part of the project, the participating partners will then evaluate the technical framework conditions that enable a needs-oriented prescribing and dispensing process.

This project is being launched in parallel with the Baden-Württemberg model project "Gerda," the "Protected E-Recipe Service for Pharmacists," which will also be launched in the Stuttgart and Tuttlingen regions on November 1 as part of the telemedicine project "DocDirekt." DocDirekt patients can currently receive telemedicine treatment from ca. 40 doctors.

The full details in German can be found here.

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