Jun 10, 2019
NICE launches online resource to help development and adoption of new health technologies
HealthTech Connect, a new online resource provided by NICE to help identify and support new health technologies as they move from inception to adoption in the UK health and care system, was formally launched on April 29th, 2019.

Developed by NICE with help from a range of partner organizations, and funding from NHS England, HealthTech Connect is for health technologies (medical devices and diagnostic and digital health technologies) that:
  • Offer measurable benefits to patients (or other health and care service users) compared to those already offered by current routine practice in the UK, or
  • Provide measurable benefits to the UK health and care system compared to those already offered by current routine practice in the UK.
The system, which is free to use, will help companies to understand what information is needed by decision makers in the UK health and care system, and clarify possible routes to market access. It will also help the UK health and care system to better plan for the introduction and adoption of health technologies - for example, by reconfiguring services or enabling reimbursement.

Once registered, companies enter and update information about their technology as it develops into the system. This information is used to determine if the technology is suitable for consideration by an organization that offers support to health technology developers; for example with funding, technology development, evidence generation, market access, reimbursement, adoption.

It will also be used to identify if the technology is suitable for consideration for evaluation by a UK health technology assessment program.

Technologies that are suitable for support or evaluation will be able to access this through HealthTech Connect. This will avoid companies having to provide the same or similar information about their technology separately to a different organization or program.

Since the initial "soft" launch of the system in February, over 100 companies have registered to use HealthTech Connect, 13 technologies have been submitted, and one technology [Sonata System] has already been selected by NICE for a Medtech Innovation Briefing.

See the full details here.
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