Jun 21, 2019
NICE Evidence Standards Framework for Digital Health Technologies
In March 2019, NICE published an updated version of its evidence standards framework for digital health technologies (DHTs) that sets out the evidence requirements for different types of DHTs.

The updated edition takes into account feedback from stakeholders after the first version was published in December 2018.

The standards were developed collaboratively by NICE, NHS England, NHS Digital, MedCity, Public Health England, and DigitalHealth.London. They set out evidence standards for both the clinical and economic impact of new DHTs and what evidence is needed from innovators to help develop a case for their use in the NHS.

The standards also provide commissioners with an insight into what information to ask for from technology developers to inform commissioning decisions. This will help enable the health and care system to identify the most effective, valuable technologies and help speed their take-up and adoption.

The digital revolution is rapidly evolving, and new technologies such as apps and wearable devices are emerging at a fast pace.

See the full details here.
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