Nov 18, 2019
NHS England to fund a life-changing treatment for people with severe hemophilia
The NHS England has agreed to fund a new drug for around 2,000 people in the country who live with the condition.

NHS England is to fund a life-changing treatment for thousands of people with severe hemophilia, which will dramatically cut their risk of life-threatening bleeds and reduce treatment time.

The new treatment is part of a package of measures set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, which will save lives through access to the most advanced medical interventions.

People with hemophilia A are at risk of spontaneous or uncontrolled bleeding because they do not have enough of a blood-clotting protein, or it does not work properly.

While a cut or graze is easily dealt with for most people, anyone with this condition does not have enough or effective parts of the blood which allow this to happen, leaving them at risk of uncontrolled bleeding that can cause serious harm and even death.

A new drug – emicizumab (also referred to as Hemlibra®) – will bolster the blood by mimicking the action of the blood protein factor VIII to avoid uncontrolled bleeding, while cutting treatment times from multiple time-consuming infusions every week to a single injection given once-a-week or fortnight.

See the full details here.

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