Jul 05, 2019
The new catalog and planning versions of SwissDRG 9.0/2020 published
On 17th June 2019, the company in charge of the development of the DRG system in Switzerland, SwissDRG SA, has announced the catalog version of SwissDRG 9.0/2020 (2017/2020). Eleven days later, the planning version of SwissDRG (2018/2020) has been published as well.

The procedure for assigning case data to a DRG is described in the definition manual. In order to promptly prepare the tariff negotiations between hospitals and health insurers, the definitions manual and SwissDRG 9.0/2020 (2017/2020) Grouper in different versions, which are able to group case data according to distinct classifications and according to the grouping logic of version 9.0.

Here is the list of other publications coming in the following months:
  • Planning version 2019/2020 is out on August 23, 2018
  • Tariff version 2020/2020 is out on November 29, 2018

See the report in Italian (change to French or German in the top-right corner) here.
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