May 5, 2020
Automated robotic pouch dispensing system saves more than £7.000 to hospitals in England
The use of an automated robotic pouch dispensing device for inpatient medication for complicated intermediate care patients has shown a decrease in medication mistakes, reduced pharmacy staff time to prepare medication for patients, and reduced nursing staff time for drug administration – with an approximate savings of £7.160 to one trust.

The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, part of the Northern Care Alliance, has partnered with PillTime, the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network, Medication Management Robotics, and Innovation Agency to develop a state-of-the-art automated robotic system that detects, sorts and organizes patient medicine into easy-to-open pouches.

The drug pouches are personal to each patient, showing the specific day and time it takes to open each pouch and take the tablets. This has led to:

  • Reduce the total pharmacy processing time per patient and medication by about 60 percent
  • A decrease in the time taken to administer drugs by nurses of approximately three hours a day for an intermediate care unit and nearly two and a half hours a day in an intermediate care home AND
  • A decrease in the number of medication administration errors halved during the trial

Salford Royal has been working to develop a pilot project with PillTime Medication Management Robotics and the Innovation Agency.

See the full details here.

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