August 03, 2020
Outcomes of the AIFA's pricing and reimbursement committee (CPR) June meeting published
The Italian Drugs Agency (AIFA) had posted the results of the meeting of their pricing and reimbursement committee (CPR) held on June 4-5, 23-25,2020. The documents contain a total of nine pages of outcomes of the CPR assessment.

The possible outcomes of the CPR meeting are:
  • Istruttoria CPR: Further information is requested from other commissions, AIFA experts, public administration, or the manufacturer. In case of requiring more information from the manufacturer, the procedure is paused until the answers are provided
  • Convocazione CPR: The manufacturer is contacted to meet to finalize the contract
  • Approfondimento CTS: The scientific-technical commission is asked to review the case
  • Procedura conclusa: CPR made a final decision, or the procedure is completed without a need for further administrative steps / communication to the manufacturer
  • CdA: The CPR has taken the decision, and the case is forwarded to the AIFA Board of Directors
The CPR meetings are held each month.

Regarding orphan drugs, further information is requested from other stakeholders regarding Xospata, Luxturna, Poteligeo, and Symkevi.

The documents contain nine pages of outcomes of the CPR assessment and can be seen in Italian here and here.
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