Hospital and med-tech consulting for the pharmaceutical companies
Reimbursement analysis and strategy for hospital drugs, gene and cell therapies, companion diagnostics, drug delivery solutions and e-health in Europe
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MTRC is a well-established consultancy in the field of medical technologies in Europe. It provides regular services to 15 of top-30 global Med Tech companies, European industry association Med Tech Europe

MTRC also offers specific, tailored-made reimbursement support to pharmaceutical companies on reimbursement analysis and strategy for hospital drugs, cell and gene therapies, companion diagnostics, drug delivery solutions and e-health in European countries

MTRC is uniquely positioned to support pharmaceutical companies in the market access areas, difficult for typical pharma consultancies because of its extensive expertise with hospital (DRG) and day case payment systems, coding rules at the hospital level, payment systems for IVD tests in hospital and ambulatory segments, payment systems for drug-delivery solutions in hospital, day case, ambulatory and home settings and reimbursement frameworks for e-health solutions

Key benefits
Pan-European support
Analysis in 16 EU countries by the same vendor. Save money and time
The affordable price of services
MTRC came from the Med Tech world, which has lower pricing of services compared with the pharma consulting business
Specialized hospital and med tech provider
MTRC is one of the leading Med Tech consulting companies in Europe
Out of top-30 global Med Tech companies routinely use reimbursement services of MTRC
European countries are covered by the same provider
Reimbursement projects per year
Our key services
Our key services are reimbursement analysis and strategy in 16 European countries
Reimbursement analysis
Procedure coding, payment mechanism, reimbursement tariff, conditions for use, innovation funding

Additional scope: clinical guidelines, guidelines developed by national authorities (NICE in the UK, Haute Autorité de Santé in France, Socialstyrelsen in Sweden), health technology assessments
Market access strategy
Overview of drivers and barriers for adoption, key reimbursement and funding pathways (including state-sponsored studies and innovation funding), detailed presentation of individual pathways (process, stakeholders, requirements, timelines), action plan

Technologies covered by our services
Hospital drugs, cell and gene therapies
High-priced cancer of blood products, cell therapy, gene therapy. Orphan and non-orphan drugs
Companion diagnostics
Molecular diagnostic tests (cancer), genetic testing
Drug-delivery systems
Intrathecal drug delivery, insulin pumps, insulin pens
E-health solutions
Medical apps, telemonitoring and remote monitoring solutions

Our services cover 16 European countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey

To stay up-to-date, we daily monitor developments of reimbursement systems in Europe
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on the changes of reimbursement systems (>100 reimbursement stakeholders in 12 EU countries)
Be confident in the results
MTRC put multiple measures in place to guarantee a good quality of the analysis
Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions
More than 400 documents in total
Access to information
Access to official coding and DRG manuals, tariff lists and grouping software
Trained team
A team comprised of eight experienced Clinical Coders with a medical background and health policy analysts
Validation of information
Quick access to healthcare authorities to address uncertainties
Continuous development
Ongoing research program to get insights from payer and provider interviews
Two-step review and approval of results
All reports are reviewed by the Director before release
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